A Walk in the Clouds With a Tandem Paraglider

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Take somebody to a journey on a flight in the clouds. This is for people, who would like to enjoy the view from even higher. 

1. A beautifully crafted gift card for a flight with two-seat paraglider.                                                           
2. Instructions on how to use the certificate. 
3. An experienced tandem pilot and certified equipment. 
4. Flight with duration of 20-30 min (dependfing on the atmospheric conditions).
5. Communication with the passenger and sightseeing in the area. 

1. You can use the gift certificate in suitable time for you.
2. You need to make a reservation one day before the day, in which you would like to fly with the paraglider. 
3. The duration and the height depend the most on the meteorological conditions. 
4. Timing: the most appropriate time for flying is the period from April until October.
5. The flight might be postponed in case of bad weather.
6. It it recommended that you wear clothes, suitable for mountains - sport or tourist shoes, a jacket.
7. Transportation to the flying ground is not included in the gift card.

Your pilot will help you equip yourself at the flying ground and he will give you short instruction concerning the taking off and the paragliding flight. You are going to fly with an experienced instructor and you are going to have the chance to delight in the never-to-be-forgotten views and strong emotions. The flight will end with a nice landing and a lot of smiles.

For more information please call us at +359 888 977 117.

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