Aerodium - 2 Minutes of Flying in a Vertical Air Tunnel

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A free flying person, who is not bound with ropes or parachute - this is real flying in its finest. The strong air stream in the air tunnel allows you to lay on it and to slide in the space. By changing your body position, the aerodinamic laws will allow you to fly, to make different movements, acrobatic trics and to experience incredible emotions.

1. Flying equipment - special clothes, gloves, glasses and a helmet.
2. Flying lesson, conducted by a qualifed instructor. 
3. Safety instruction.
4. Warming up before the flying. 
5. Assistance during the flight. 
6. Flight.

1. Each additional minute should be paid - the price is 25 BGN.
2. The minimum time for every person is 2 minutes. 
3. A photo session for group of five person is BGN 30.
4. For safety reasons, the usage of personal photo equipment is stricly forbidden.
5. The most suitable time for flying is the period from May until October.

For additional information please call us at: +359 888977117.

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