Airplane Flight - Moto Glider - One Hour Trial Lesson

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From the beginning of time, humanity has dreamt of flying in the skies. Now you can make a dream come true and make a gift to a friend or your loved one. The elegant airplane guarantees both security and comfort, fun and adrenaline. It is up to you to decide whether you want a hedge-hopping flight above rivers, damns and forests that will make the heart of even the greatest of the dare-devils beat faster or a romantic flight over beautiful Bulgaria.


1. Briefing - Before each trial lesson, the instructor conducts a briefing, at which different topics concerning the flight principles are discussed, the flying of the airplane, air navigation and the safety measures, which need to be considered when performing flights.
2. Professional pilot - The trial pilot lessons are conducted by a pilot.
3. Insurance for the time of the flight.
4. Airplane flight.

The minimum age for those who would like to get a trial pilot lesson is 12 years.
The duration of the flight and the scope of the themes discussed depend on the "trained pilot" - it is up to him/her to decide the duration of the flight and what he/she would like to learn. Studying of the safety measures is compulsory during the briefing.

In order to fly, you need to be physically and psychologically fit. You are not supposed to use opiates or medicines, which are obfuscating the mind. With some restrictions, the flights are suitable for disabled people too.

After the instructions and the preparation, the flight starts. The route is defined depending on the weather, the free air corridors and in accordance to the request of the trained. Flights over Stara planina, Belogradchik rocks and North-west Bulgaria are possible.
During the one hour flight, about 150-200 km can be covered, however returning should be taken into consideration.

For reservations!
Several days before you plan to use the gift certificate, please send us an e-mail to incuding the certificate number, validity, preferred date and time, telephone number and a name. We are going to make the reservation for you and send you back a confirmation e-mail. If you would like additional information for this adventure, please call us at +359 888977117 or visit our website for more adventures.


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